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In-Person Events

We know how important a two-way, open line of communication is to our clients. That’s we enjoy hosting monthly client events as well as open houses and educational seminars and webinars that help our clients keep in touch and stay informed about what’s going on in our office and in the financial world. At PCIA, we value relationships and partnerships, and we always look forward to any chance to connect. We welcome you to view our entire list of events with links to RSVP and join us!

Our Events

Thursday, Sept. 12 @ 1:00 p.m. CT

Fiduciary 15

Thursday, Oct. 12 @ 1:00 p.m. CT

Making Sense of the Markets

Thursday, Oct. 19 @ 1:00 p.m. CT

Fiduciary 15

Thursday, Dec. 7 @ 1:00 p.m. CT

Fiduciary 15

About Prime Capital Investment Advisors

Prime Capital Investment Advisors is an award-winning nationwide firm with more than 100 advisors, executives and administrative professionals backing each other. Our mission is to bring the latest industry-leading solutions to our clients, who are often accredited, high-net-worth investors or business owners. With custom strategies that work to solve your unique problems, we leverage our independence and our network to find the most innovative solutions, whether you have the tolerance and stomach for market risk or you’d rather operate outside of the market. We’re here to be your partner and to help you chase your goals.

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Live & In-Person Events

Qualified Plan Advisors

QPA is your qualified fiduciary partner, whether you’re a plan participant or a plan sponsor. We help to design innovative retirement plans to support both business growth and individual growth, giving business owners and pre-retirees the opportunity to reach their potential with the appropriate resources. We also focus on education, because knowledge is power, and we want to empower our clients to take control of their financial future, harness modern technology, and leverage their autonomy to inspire growth and achieve their ideal lifestyles. Let’s work to get you or your business qualified today!

Payton Thielmann

Wealth Advisor

Prime Capital Investment Advisors, LLC and Qualified Plan Advisors

Payton Thielmann works with Prime Capital Investment Advisors and Qualified Plan Advisors to connect clients to the solutions they need to achieve their unique goals. He prides himself on his outside-the-box thinking, oftentimes bringing a unique and creative approach to investment management. Though he specializes in financial advisory, his main goal is to develop personal relationships with his clients and tie them to his professional network, which he believes gives them the best chance to succeed. It also avails opportunities investors and business owners may not have through other firms, and he’s excited to bring custom, exclusive solutions to the table for any client’s objectives.

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Don’t follow the tracks. Make your own."

— Payton ThielmannPave Your Path.
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Payton and Prime Capital work to bring clients the latest developments, both inside the firm and out, through monthly newsletters. From market updates to the latest original blog posts to personal stories about Payton, this is the best way to keep up with everything happening in your portfolio and your business’s retirement plan. Be sure to sign up for Payton’s Point of View and the Qualified Plan Advisors Monthly Newsletter!

Payton’s Point of View

Payton’s Point of View brings subscribers the latest at the Prime Capital offices and in Payton’s life. Featuring market analysis from Payton himself as well as monthly recaps that give you an economic rundown of the past month, a few financial trends and tidbits, and personal stories that keep you up to date on the latest of Payton’s personal adventures. Click below to subscribe to Payton’s Point of View!

QPA Monthly Newsletter

The QPA Monthly Newsletter is the best roundup of information for all plan sponsors and plan participants. Stay up to date on the performance of different asset classes and market indexes to help you understand how your retirement accounts are performing. Also, be sure to sign up for one of our events that offer insight into our educational programs, the fiduciary standard and QPA. Click below to subscribe!

Specialized Services

Payton provides holistic financial planning services to individuals, families, experienced investors, pre-retirees, retirees and business owners. He also offers unique investing solutions to his clients who have the asset totals to take advantage of exclusive opportunities only available through Prime Capital Investment Advisors. Though he specializes in investment advisory and asset management, he works closely with each of his clients to tailor a strategy to their unique objectives, often using every tool in his repertoire to do so. See each of Payton’s services below!

Family Business Strategies
Business Succession Planning
Estate Planning
401(k) Planning
Tax Planning
Life Insurance Planning
Fee-Based Asset Management
Investment Planning

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If you’re ready to create a custom investment strategy, protect what you’ve worked so hard to build or grow your business to its capacity, fill out our form below, and we will be in touch with you shortly. Prime Capital Investment Advisors and Qualified Plan Advisors look forward to bringing you the latest solutions in the industry that empower you to reach your potential and defend what’s yours.


Payton Thielmann

Wealth Planner
Prime Capital Investment Advisors, LLC

6201 College Boulevard, Suite #150
Overland Park, KS 66211

Phone: (913) 794-3848

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Payton Thielmann

Wealth Advisor
Phone: (913) 794-3848